Lonely London

London was my first solo trip. And although I was alone for most of the time, I enjoyed my time there. Being alone on a trip allows you to do the things that you want to do without worry about whether or not the rest of the group will want to. The plane ride there... Continue Reading →

Update: Lost Luggage

Okay. I know I said I would begin to post once a day. I lied. This week has been the worst week of my life. And honestly, anyone can skip this post because it is going to be more of a diary entry than anything else. I will most likely post about London later on.... Continue Reading →

Random Good Week

I had dinner Wednesday with two girls, Mini and Myriam, from IE who are going on exchange to my uni back in America next semester. It was fun explaining things to them over wine and pasta. Grant and Lindsey from my Uni were there also, and the conversation flowed so naturally. Afterwards we went to... Continue Reading →

Week One

The ups and downs of trying to navigate through my first week of classes where everyone knows everyone and I know no one.

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