Clean Slate

It has been the longest winter of my life. Constant snow. Constant cloudiness. Constant rain. Gloomy.

This constant state of gloominess seeps into my bones. My body becomes cold and I no longer have motivation to get out of bed. I hate being alone.

But now. The first inklings of spring have come.

The sun is out. The skies are clear. The temperature is warmer. Flowers are starting to bloom. I wake up to the sounds of birds outside my window. Sunset is now at 21:00.

I get out of bed. I clean my room. I clean my apartment. I grab a book, my bag, and my camera, and head outside.

The warmth. I haven’t felt it since November. I feel rejuvenated. I smile. I love being alone.

This feeling. New possibilities. A new perspective on my surroundings. The rush of wind brings the rush of motivation. The rush of happiness.

And then I realize: this is what spring cleaning is. Not the cleaning of the space in which you inhabit, but the cleaning of the soul. A clean slate.

via Daily Prompt: Rush

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