Living Cheaply in Krakow

What does one do when their highschool friend texts them saying that they will be in Krakow, Poland??? You book a ticket to go visit him. Of course that is the most reasonably sane thing one can do. 

Krakow, Poland. At the time, I never heard of Krakow. Poland was never on any of my lists that I wanted to visit while abroad in Europe. I didn’t know what in the world there was over there that could interest me in ANY way, but it was Eli and Eva. I hadn’t seen them in so long, and once Eli graduates from West Point, he’s in the army for ten years. 

Before arriving in Poland I was pleasantly surprised (more like very freaking elated) that 1 USD was around 3 Zloty’s, which is the polish currency. I was basically rich in Poland. Which, after my trip to Paris, I desperately needed.

I withdrew $138 and got 500 zloty’s.


I paid the nine zloty’s to get to the center of the city and made my way to the hostel I got for the weekend. I wasn’t staying with Eli and Eva as I decided to join them last minute, but our locations were fairly close to one another. I settled into my room and met my very adorable, slightly creepy, 60+ roommate who was a gentleman. After some small talk, I made my way out to meet Eli and Eva for dinner and drinks.

Now. Just because 1USD=3Zloty’s does NOT mean that everything in Poland is cheap. Mainstream stores, like McDonald’s or Starbucks would sell meals at high prices in order to meet the prices that they’re sold at in other countries. A grande caramel macchiato was, in deed, 12 zlotys. Which is around $3.50, so it makes sense. That was the first and last time I got a drink at starbucks in Krakow.

Catching up with friends from back home is so nice. It makes me realize how small the world really is. The fact that we met up on the other side of the world instead of the city where we were both raised. It just blows my mind every time. I begin to appreciate these people even more, because of the experiences we shared in a different country altogether.

But back to my experience.

After dinner, where we realized the best and cheapest food would be from local vendors (we were right), we made our way to a local bar that was known for 4 zloty shots. About $1 shots. One dollar. What. A. Steal.

That pub was such a place for tourists. We met so many new and strange people. Got into political fights with a man from Liverpool who then felt bad for getting mad at us and proceeded to buy us drinks the rest of the night. And then the friend of the guy feeling bad for his friend being rude so he gave Eli a Cuban cigar. Eli felt like a king that night.


Krakow was…cold. To say the least. But despite the cold, it was one of my favorite locations thus far. From the good eats, the architecture, the dog cafes, and the history of Krakow, I would revisit in a heartbeat.

To the Regiment.

I wish I was there.













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