Random Good Week

I had dinner Wednesday with two girls, Mini and Myriam, from IE who are going on exchange to my uni back in America next semester. It was fun explaining things to them over wine and pasta. Grant and Lindsey from my Uni were there also, and the conversation flowed so naturally. Afterwards we went to Mini’s apartment and drank more wine, shared stories, and listened to Latin Music. We all shared Latin blood, as Mini is Bolivian, Grant is Argentinian, Lindsey is half Mexican, and I am Mexican. It was nice sharing that connection with such open-minded people. We danced. Drank more wine. Laughed. Good times.

That Thursday my classmates had a potluck, and I was very nervous because I was not really that close to any of my classmates, except the few exceptions. I made desert, and everyone was already getting along when I showed up. After a while, things began to ease up. Everyone was laughing, sharing love stories, we even moved furniture around to make our own dance floor. It was a very big bonding fest for us all and I am very happy we had that night.

My roommates are incredible. I find myself becoming more and more comfortable around them as each week passes, and it takes a lot for me to be able to do that every now and then. They call themselves my “aunts” and it accurately describes them. They don’t really go out much, but they love to gossips. Estan muy chismosas, and I love it. Except for when it comes to me. They like to know every detail about my love life, and I honestly do not have a love life, but oh well.

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