Week Three and Four (and a half?)

I am not quite sure how many weeks have  passed, BUT it feels like time is passing so fast here. It makes me both sad and happy. Sad because this is the experience of a lifetime and I want to cherish every moment. Happy because I do miss home and my people.

To be completely honest, I do not remember one thing about week three, other than the fact that I went to class, cooked a lot, and went to the gym. Oh, and it snowed even more in Segovia. It just does not stop.

Never-ending snow in Segovia

Last weekend, we went to Madrid for Georgia’s birthday. It was a lot of fun. We surprised her with cake and balloons, and it was so nice. To see her happy. We then went to Kapital and everyone got plastered. It was incredibly sad for me because I felt sick and did not drink with them. But nonetheless, it was a blast all of us being together. We then had a very nice and pleasantly relaxing saturday. We went rowing at El Parque Retiro and had coffee and lunch there. I exposed my friends to Takos Al Pastor. Oh how I missed Mexican food. It was delicious.

Madrid Metros

After that weekend, the week was very difficult. For some reason I felt like I was not myself. I did not feel as social, I did not want to do anything but sleep, I missed home. I would watch everyone’s stories and pictures from back home and I could not help but feel like I was missing out on something important. I felt, terrible. I was eating Da Mario’s (an Italian restaurant that is five steps from my front door) practically every day of the week. I brought so much business to that establishment. But it was also a good week of connecting with my friends instead of going out. Tuesday, Lissy and her friends took me to parties with them. I felt like a part of the group. It felt really nice. I think I was the only exchange student at that party. It was so crowded I thought the floor was going to fall through. I decided to leave early to come home and find another party at our place. That was fun also. I went to sleep early that night. Wednesday was also a very relaxing day. My flatmates and I stayed in and watched movies all day. It was nice bonding with them.

This past weekend was near the end of my funk. I remained indoors, watching tv shows and feeling terrible about my living situation because I am not back home. I met up with my friends both Friday and Saturday night, and although we had plans to go out, we never did. Instead we drank, watched Black Mirror (it has become a sort of tradition ever since I introduced them to it), and shared stories. It was then that I realized that I should not dwell on the memories that I am missing out on, and instead focus on the memories that I am currently making, because when I am back home, I will miss being abroad. Sunday followed the same patterns, spending the day with my roommates and then hanging out with friends during the nighttime. It seems like a really lovely and comfortable routine that I do not mind keeping.

Now, it is Monday night going into Tuesday morning. My roommates and I have been having controversial debates over rape, psychologists, racism, and homophobia. I love hearing the conversations rather than stepping in because I want to see how they reflect and represent their countries (and partly because I do not want them to think that I feel that the American way is “the way it should be.”) It was a very enlightening conversation and I am positive we each learned something new afterwards. They are very easy to listen to. I can become to caught up in the way they interact with one another. It is beautiful to see how people from different parts of the earth can be so loving to one another, despite their cultural customs. I see them argue, and then hug and kiss one another a second later. It makes me wonder if I would be right there hugging and kissing them as well had I gone to IE all four years of my college career. I also began to make note that I will show that kind of love when I go back to Austin. Americans need more love, physical and emotional.

Manu was craving sweets, but every shop was closed by midnight. So what did she decide to do? Go to the vending machines that are open 25 hours a day (yes, they advertise that they are open 25 hours a day.) But not only did she go, she dragged us all with her, and I am so happy she did. The snow piled up, and no one was on the streets. We had a snowball fight, whilst listening to Sing, Sing, Sing, talking about life, while our faces, toes, and fingers were freezing to bits. All for some vending machine sweets. At midnight. It was worth it, though. I will always value bonding time with my roommates. No matter what. I am very happy they dragged me along with them.

This weekend I am going to Portugal, so I promise the next post will be much more post worthy! I know these past two weeks have been somewhat boring, considering I haven’t done much travelling, but that will change very soon!

Stay tuned to see my adventures to Portugal, San Sebastian, and London (whaaaat?)! Keep your eyes peeled!

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